The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels

In 1967 the Beatles established a multi-media corporation, Apple Corps. Today Apple Corps mostly administers the band’s back catalogue, but for five brief years in the late sixties, it was one of the most colourful, outlandish and chaotic companies that ever existed, run by the most famous band in the world. Apple had a fashion shop, hair dressing salon, tech start-up (Apple before Apple), film production department and of course its own record label. The Beatles idea was to use Apple to spread the values of the Hippies and Counter-Culture. But things will go wrong, if you and your staff take acid at the office…. In this unauthorised film, the true story behind Apple is told for the first time, by the people who worked for the company, from record label executives and the Beatles personal assistants to the office boys and secretaries.
‘The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels’ was produced by NerdTV for Sky

Director: Ben Lewis
Executive Producer: Jago Lee