CTRL Freaks

Ctrl Freaks is the game show like no other. Competing to win a fantastic holiday, individuals are forced to hand over the strings to their loves and let our puppet-masters control what they do via social media.

Each episode, two contestants relinquish control of their phones and Facebook accounts, and submit themselves to the mercy of ‘The Freaks’; a team of comedy writers hell bent on running their lives. The writers delve into the players’ Facebook profiles to discover what really makes them tick, and as if this wasn’t enough, they also enlist the help of an ‘Insider’. This is a close friend of the contestant, brought in to fill in any gaps in The Freaks’ diabolical understanding of their victim.

All over London, people are living through social media, from carefully constructed statuses to the ultimate profile picture, the online world lets them dictate exactly how others see them. Now for the first time, their real world is being controlled…but not by them.

Our trio of writers is the force behind the show. They take their new knowledge of their victims and concoct the most embarrassing, challenging and downright ridiculous stunt possible. All the players can do is go along with it and try to weather the storm.

Ctrl Freaks is about taking Londoners out of their comfort zone and seeing how far the writers can push them. Can they give a convincing performance…or will they crack under pressure?

Format devised by NERD & Holler and produced for London Live

Executive Producer: John Farrar
Executive Producer: Jago Lee
Executive Producer: Sarah Lazenby
Series producer/director: Tim Hancock

International Distribution is through Red Arrow International