Find My First Love

Find My First Love tells the incredible story of people who are desperate to find a long lost love or someone with whom they had a chance encounter, but cannot find any trace of them. With the help of blogger and presenter Cherry Healey, they will each go on a week long dizzying quest to track down the ‘one that got away’ and make their second chance count.

In each instalment we start with one ‘searcher’ seeking advice from a local private investigator. The P.I. will guide them on how to kickstart their hunt, which will often take them to some very unexpected places. Exploring some of the world’s most romantic and mysterious lost love stories and engaging every tool that the modern world has to offer, from viral marketing campaigns to forensic artists, this is the series with huge emotional stakes that guarantees surprises at almost every turn.

‘Find My First Love’ was produced by NerdTV US for FYI network

Showrunner: Tiffany Trigg
Executive Producer: John Farrar
Executive Producer: Jago Lee
International Format Distribution through Red Arrow International