My Selfie Life

My Selfie Life is a bold new show where young Americans film themselves living through a life-changing moment as they journey towards adulthood and self-discovery. Using their own phones, iPads and cameras, they candidly capture the huge changes and challenges of their everyday lives.

In each episode one core question is answered, and one lead diarist uses their own experiences to explore a burningly relevant theme, questioning what is ‘normal’ and who they want to be.

Their stories range from the relatable to the extraordinary – ageing out of foster care, tracking down a long-lost parent, dealing with a mental illness, raising a child as a transgender father – and are told in an utterly authentic and heart-felt way.

Originally adapted as a series of shorts for Channel 4 in the UK, My Selfie Life is a compelling exploration of what it’s like to be young and living in the digital age.

‘My Selfie Life’ was produced by NerdTV US for Fusion

Executive Producer: John Farrar