Prison Brides

This unique documentary explores the phenomenon of weddings conducted inside prisons. It examines the motives and day-to-day realities of people who are trying to maintain serious relationships with convicted criminals, and the positive rehabilitative effects that marriage can have on even the most dangerous of inmates.

Using intimate interviews and home movie footage, the programme follows a range of different love stories, exploring the lives of women who have fallen for convicted criminals and their reasons for marrying them.

The show documents the stories of four women around the world: Zabrina, a 28 year old woman from Florida who is preparing to marry a cocaine trafficker serving a 20 year sentence; Marzena, a Polish woman visiting her husband imprisoned in the UK to introduce him to their new-born baby; Marines, a 35 year old from Puerto Rico who will finally get to marry her partner after being unable to visit him in prison for three and a half years; and lastly Jenn, a young mother of two preparing for her wedding to an inmate serving time for armed robbery.

‘Prison Brides’ was produced by NerdTV for Channel 5

Director/Producer: Danny Beck
Executive Producer: Jago Lee