The 90s – Ten Years That Changed the World

The 90s – Ten Years That Changed the World charts the 1990s revolution in British music, fashion, film, sport, art and media, as told by the plucky young rebels who made it happen, with a decade-defining soundtrack, never seen before archive and narration by Kathy Burke.

With candid interviews from the likes of: Happy Mondays, Jarvis Cocker, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, The Word’s Terry Christian and Jo Whiley, David Baddiel, Irvine Welsh, Keith Allen, Toby Young and Jenny Bond, to name a few. This is the story of the era when Kate Moss forced fashion to get real, Damian Hirst took a chainsaw to the art establishment, David Beckham made football fashionable and music went mad for it. A time when Zoo TV mauled the schedules, the ad industry got Tangoed by “Oik Advertising” and Trainspotting put the grit into the Britflick.

The 90s – Ten Years That Changed the World explores the rise and fall of cool Britannia in the last days before the internet swallowed the universe. A time when British youth culture exploded into the mainstream, challenged the establishment and captured the imagination of the world.

‘The 90s – Ten Years That Changed the World’ was produced by NerdTV for Channel 4

Producer/Director: Nico Wasserman
Executive Producer: Jeremy Lee